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Policy Analysis
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It’s probably fair to say that organisations frequently don’t have the luxury of time and resource to carry out a lot of research into the consequences of their decision-making. Particularly if an organisation has been steadily growing or perhaps has been under pressure; the priority is often expedience. Perfectly understandable, but the consequence of this is often a lot of reinvention between different business units, or worse, acting at cross-purpose to each other. Over time, this lack of coordination can create sluggishness and waste.

Carleton Sojourner helps organisations design policy to provide decision-makers with clear standards to work from. We do so by collaborating with stakeholders (at all levels) to come up with reproducible practices that are aligned with the organisation’s long-term objectives.

We then help prepare your people [usually through reference documentation and training] so that future decisions are made with your organisation’s strategy in mind. We equip them with tools [standard phrasing, templates, skeleton procedures, etc.] so that it’s as easy as possible for them to produce work that meets the organisation’s minimum standards. And if processes need to be changed to ensure they perform to the expected performance standard, we do that too.

Our experience of the human factors involved allows us to help you strike the right balance; so you can fully support your people to do their best without unnecessarily getting in their way.

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