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The easiest way to get started is to have a quick chat about your needs. You can put a meeting in our calendar using this booking tool:

NB. If you don’t have scripting enabled then you might not be able to see the meeting booking widget (below) provided by Microsoft Bookings.

If you don’t want to enable scripts on my site you can go directly to my booking page here, but you’ll probably need to enable scripts at some point to actually make the booking on there.

You could also try the other methods further down the page.

Other ways to contact us

Fill in our contact form

If you like, you can fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a meeting. There’s space for you to provide some info about your needs as well as some context.


You could also email Peter (Director of CS) directly:


Lastly if you happen to be anywhere near Lugano, Switzerland, which is where we’re based, then please let us know and we can talk over coffee.

We typically work remotely to keep your costs down, but we travel (as required) for longer or more complex projects.

And if your problem isn’t something that we can help with, we’ll tell you. If appropriate, we can refer you to one of the other expert companies we like to partner with.