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Business Process Analysis
Image of a BPMN diagram
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Much in the same way that policy can evolve as opposed to having been designed, business processes can become outdated. Complex ones, ones that involve multiple teams, and ones that involve a lot of unexciting [but very necessary] admin tend to become organisational “tradition”. I.e. “We’ve always done it that way”. Staff turnover doesn’t really help matters as newer hires may not feel empowered to rock the boat.

Carleton Sojourner helps organisations to formally model their processes and, as needed, change them to ensure they are fit for purpose. CS is also extensively experienced in creating business infrastructure from scratch to integrate outsourcing providers or other third-parties.

Given carte blanche, the approach we take is minimalist; we prefer to implement collections of single-purpose processes. We prefer the clarity and scalability provided by this “modular” approach. We often start with diagrams and flowcharts to fully understand the high-level concepts, and we move on to providing your people with the specs/checklists/protocols/software scripts/etc. so that they can produce work of consistent quality that meets your standards.

When revising existing business processes we always look for opportunities to reduce overall labour. We use techniques such as modelling in BPMN, running simulations, and just talking to people. We look for unnecessary or error-prone steps and anything that’s otherwise painful. If we can’t remove steps, we try to automate them. If we can’t automate them, we semi-automate them. Less labour means less mistakes, less of everyone’s time wasted, and therefore less expense.

We aim to get your processes to do what they were designed to, and nothing else.

Contact us if you’d like to talk about maximising the value of your processes.