Carleton Sojourner
Our Services

Business Areas

Policy Analysis

We help organisations create standards that allow decision-makers to determine how much each possible course of action contributes towards the organisations long-term goals.

We implement them by providing tools and training.

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Business Process Analysis

We help organisations integrate their operations with other organisations’. We also look at their existing ways of working and systematically identify opportunities to reduce error and increase speed.

We achieve this by creating formal models, researching and thinking about solutions, and changing your infrastructure.

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Project Management

We help organisations implement lasting changes to their software and processes in a methodical and transparent manner.

We do this by running focussed projects with control measures appropriate to the overall objective.

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Other areas

In addition to the more broad areas above, we have extensive experience in these specific areas:

  • Remote Migrations - Coordinating international knowledge-transfers, limited to phone-only or telepresence
  • Crisis management - Quickly establishing contingencies/workarounds, preservation of info and post-hoc evaluations
  • User groups - Running user focus groups or otherwise soliciting and documenting feedback
  • Software selection - Requirements gathering and formal assessment of software/add-ons
  • User experience - Website wireframing/software UI mockups

Technical Skills

Our background is primarily in CRM systems, digital marketing systems, relational databases, and supporting infrastructure. However our main concern is with the interactions between software so we have exposure to a wide variety (we’re jacks of all trades and masters of a few).

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